One of the priorities of the recent years at all levels is to boost young people’s employability. Employment facilitates social inclusion for a wide range of marginalized citizens since it gives a sense of stability which bring to the development of oneself. However there is a needs of promoting a job-related culture that gives value even to the humblest working activity. Young people in particular needs to be supported in the research or creation of jobs. In light of this, civil society organizations and institutions are called to act by creating networks at local level in a logic of solidarity and complementarity.

The project BAGS4YOUTH brings together 6 organizations from 5 European countries with the objective of creating a European network for the exchange of experiences on how to foster employability and active participation of young people with a focus on disadvantaged categories. The central aspect is creating a collaboration among local institutions for the development of innovative and inclusive job-orienteering and guidance services.


  • To raise awareness of political representatives on inclusive models of job-orienteering services
  • To improve the competences of the staff working in the services, focusing on innovative tools and strategies to relate to young people, particularly disadvantaged, and interact with the local network of stakeholders
  • To enhance the communication with young people in order to foster their participation in the formulation of local policies
  • To create synergies between different actors at local level and between different contexts of intervention, non- formal and informal