Instituto Municipal de Promoción Económica

The Municipal Institute for Economic Development, Training and Employment (IMPEFE) is a municipal entity created in August 2003 under Ciudad Real City Council with a long-standing experience in coordination of European, National projects and local Programs in general and in this sector in particular, directly related to the implementation of different employment services, activities and policies.

The IMPEFE offers a free public service helping workers to find a job appropriate to their training, skills and qualifications and to help employers to hire workers with appropriate features to their demands; implement training programs and job placement for the unemployed, in line with the evolution of the labor market and the needs of society; encourage, analyze, promote and support projects that promote employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, own initiatives and participation in the workplace and business, as well as monitored.

Contacts of Instituto Municipal de Promoción Económica

Calle Valle de Alcudia – 13004, Ciudad Real, Spain
Tel: +34 926210001 / Fax: +34 926210016