Municipality of Masku

Municipality of Masku is located just north of Turku, in the province of Western Finland and is part of the SouthWest Finland region. It has a population of 9,694 and it has a long history but officially municipality is founded in 1870 and from year 2009 the municipalities of Askainen and Lemu were consolidated with Masku.

The municipality has planned a clear process, where the municipality takes care of the unemployed. Areal employment team consists of six municipalities, vocational education, employment office, foundations and associations working in the employment sector. The purpose of the work is to coordinate areal employment issues and take care of the areal youth guarantee in practice.

There are 400 professional working into and their most important job is to make good services for inhabitants in areas of technic, early childhood and education, freetime activities and administration. Health and social services are organised with two other neighbour municipalities that forms Basic Health Care District in area together.

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Masku municipality has panned clear process where the municipality takes care of unemployed:

  • Employs 20 young people a year with traineeship for working live
  • Seeks actively unemployed youth to work with an employment subsidy (work 6 month, 20 people a year)
  • Offers summer jobs for 36 young people ages 16-23

Guidance and counseling in basic education in Masku

The municipality has invested many resources on orienteering and guidance starting from local schools

  • pupils receive guidance and counseling all through basic education
  • guidance and counseling in basic education aims to support, help and guide pupils to ensure that every pupil performs as well as possible in their studies and is able to do right and appreciate decisions concerning their education and career choices
  • the curricula in upper forms of basic education includes specific lessons in pupil and student

Contacts of Municipality of Masku

Keskuskaari, 3- 21250 Masku, Finland
Tel: +358 2 4388 200 / Email:
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