SERN is the main transnational network in Europe fostering relations in a multilevel perspective between Northern and Southern Europe and in particular between Sweden and Italy. SERN has three main specificities that make it a unique example of transnational cooperation:

  • It is the only bilateral network in the European Union that brings together actors from the Northern and Southern part of the Union.
  • It is a multilevel network where different levels of government interact and collaborate
  • It is a network open to the civil society and to the private actors

The collaboration processes within the network can be of different types: exchanges of information, experience, knowledge, best practices, staff exchanges, learning partnerships; development of projects financed by its members and/or by the EU funding programs.

It operates in 6 thematic areas: education; social inclusion; local development, employment, environment and capacity building of civil servants.

Contacts of SERN

Viale Aldo Moro 44 – 40127, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 0515276360